Special deals and coupons

Discount for military, police, EMT members, and firefighers

In appreciation of our public servants, we offer a discount of 5% off labor to those who step up to serve and protect the people and liberties of our city, state, and nation.

You are eligible to receive this discount if you…

  • Are active-duty military
  • Retired from the military (20 years)
  • Are a wounded veteren
  • Are a city, state, or federal L.E.O.
  • Are an E.M.T.
  • Are a firefighter

You must provide official identification at least at the first time you apply for this discount (e.g. relevant CAC or DD Form 2).

BG Protection Plan

Using these quality products with your fluid maintenance service gives you an amazing warranty on the system serviced. The plan only applies if you start with under 75,000 miles on your car; or if you have already been using a similar product like Wynn’s, they will even give you the warranty if you switch over and start using BG products.  Get more details

Price shopping

The most important way you save money at CarScope is by recommending only what your car needs and getting it done right.  We’ll even tell you if you don’t need what you came in and asked for, most shops don’t do that.  More info on price shopping

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