• CarScope basic warranty

    1 year, unlimited-mile warranty on parts and labor

  • Replacement Engines and drivetrain

    Warranty on complete replacement unit (engine, transmission, differential and transfer case) varies depending on which engine or transmission option you choose. Usually, it’s over 100,000 miles for new units.

  • Engine extended warranty

    With the BG Engine Assurance plan, you can get varying coverage up to $6,000 for your engine, depending on how many miles you start with. Get details about the Assurance plan here.

  • Lifetime Protection for Fluid Systems

    We also partner with BG Products to provide you with up to $4,000 worth or more of FREE repairs for EACH of your fluid-lubricated vehicle systems! National plan protects any system in which you regularly use their products. Call us, or click here for details.

Warranty Details:
 Requirements and Exclusions

Though we always try to help the customer as best we can including being generous in the application of our warranty, we have to mention these things.  They are common sense but sometimes it’s better to have them in writing.  Not only does heeding these items maintain your warranty, but they are good practices to keep your car in shape whether you have a warranty or not.  The goal is for you to properly maintain and care for your car so it will serve you well.  That’s what we’re here to help you do.

  •   POOR CONDITION: Special circumstances like a very rusty cooling system may require multiple services to get it clean, and if it is not possible to clean it there would be no warranty at all on the water pump, radiator, etc.   We cannot warranty things that are out of our control.  Again, we’ll use our discretion to determine if the failure was due to  the poor condition (rust in this case).
  •  EXTERNAL DAMAGE:   Damage caused to our warranted item by failure of another part is also out of our control and is not covered.   For example. if an oil or water leak develops and it saturates the alternator we put on and shorts it out and ruins it, we are not under obligation to replace the alternator.  Though we usually do what we can for you even in that circumstance.
  •  NEGLECT: Similar to external damage above, some things just wouldn’t happen if you fix problems as they occur instead of putting them off.  In our water pump example, a leak elsewhere in the coolant system that is not promptly repaired can cause cavitation and corrosion causing water pump failure and other damage as well.
  •  ABUSE And of course abuse such as racing or off road use can void the warranty on our repairs as well, depending on the item.

Decisions about voiding or honoring the warranty are made at our discretion and we will explain any technical reasons should these situations occur.  Seldom do we get any warranty issues at all and when we do it’s very seldom that these requirements come into play.  And we always lean toward helping our customers if it’s at all reasonable.

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