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Everyone has to make a living. Whether it’s a small independent or a large chain or dealership, we all juggle parts mark-up, labor rates, hours billed, specials, and package pricing in some way in order to stay in business and remain competitive. And from the customer’s side of things, we find that to get value from your vehicle upkeep, you need more than just a low price tag. Auto repair pricing is complicated.

To alleviate some of the confusion, we’ve listed here some answers to frequently asked questions:

Labor Rates.  Some people ask shops about the labor rate.  But ours, or anybody else’s labor rate, should not be a major consideration when choosing a shop because you can’t really tell by looking at the labor rate who is going to be the least expensive overall or who will take the best care of you.  Even if a labor rate is lower, the shop might charge more hours than the one with the higher rate or might charge more for the parts or they might do some work that isn’t needed at all, etc., etc.

The bottom line

  • Your best savings come from knowing that we only do what you need and we do it right.
  • We will cut corners and save you money only where it is safe and wise to do so.
  • We take the time to explain all your options so you can make the best repair and maintenance decisions for your vehicles.

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