Inspection and prioritization

With any shop, a foundation of trust and communication is necessary to have a good working relationship. But even then, something else is needed: an understanding of how to prioritize service needs. What can wait? Which things should be done together? These and other questions are answered by technicians who know how to determine the priority of those needs.

Dyrell, our senior diagnostician, inspects a master cylinder reservoirWhen we give your car an assessment, we tell you what is most urgent and what other needs might need to be done down the road – so you can plan accordingly. We don’t want you to spend money on a maintenance item even though it may be needed if you have another more urgent need. We have a system that helps us track which of your vehicle’s repairs need to be done when, and it also helps you remember when needs become more urgent. Regular visits to the shop (such as for oil changes) help us keep track of repairs you can’t do right away but still need to later.

Some things we find may need attention soon, others may be needed down the road. This helps you budget and plan your maintenance, so you can make your vehicle last as long as it can.

Maintenance priority?

After looking at the break down and repair patterns over the years, despite the initial outlay, we feel you really do save money by keeping up with preventative maintenance, and it definitely helps keep you from getting stranded.

Click to view a table  that compares how much the preventive maintenance costs over a period of time verses how much it would be to repair the system that the maintenance is protecting. So, maintenance is considered in assigning the priority your needed services.

A prioritized plan

Do you need a second opinion on how urgent a repair is? Do you need a vehicle service plan like that discussed above?

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