Oil and Filter Changes

Oil changes include full synthetic or synthetic blend oil

If you’re concerned about fast lube places making mistakes on your routine maintenance, you can pay a little more for peace of mind and let our master technicians service your vehicles. They will not only do the service right but they have the experience to notice something that might cause a problem down the road.
And, as always, you can rest assured that we will not try to sell you something you don’t need.

Our oil changes compared

Oil change plans: CarScope Plus Protector Mature engine
Mileage Interval 5000 5000+ 3000
Full synthetic engine oil
Safety/Maintenance Inspection
Engine Assurance Plan*
Lifetime Protection Plan (fuel system)*
BG’s Motor Oil Additive Plus
BG’s Fuel Injector “Carbon Fighter”
One of three restorative additives
(Protector oil change comes in standard and Plus levels for varying degrees of warranty coverage. See Engine Assurance overview link below.)

* Subject to terms and conditions of the BG Lifetime Protection and Engine Assurance Plans.

Lifetime Protection Plan


Engine Assurance Plan


Mature Engine plan additives

We recommend Lucas oil stabilizer® for high mileage cars and especially those with a lot of wear, but it is good for new cars too. Approved by manufacturers- does not effect new cars’ warranties.

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