BG Fuel system cleaning

Lifetime Warranty

Having us do the BG fuel system cleaning can give you a lifetime warranty on fuel system parts! Learn more about the BG Lifetime Protection Plan.

Proven methods

We’ve developed and tested our intake cleaning methods to give you the best value for your maintenance dollars. Continue reading for a detailed explanation of the process, then a case study, too.

The problem:

Engines develop carbon deposits which accumulate on intake valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers. This problem typically gets worse over time, but in the end it causes rough idle, hesitation, misfire, pinging, knocking, a loss of engine power, and hard starting. This is especially the case for newer, Gasoline Direct Injection engines; for them, the accumulation happens much faster, too.


The winning combination of the BG intake service and BG fuel system cleaning. This dynamic duo will:

  • Clean the throttle body
  • Clean the plenum and air-intake
  • Clean the intake valves and ports
  • Remove the combustion chamber deposits
  • Clean the fuel injectors
  • Establish the correct balance of fuel and air in system

This is done by spraying atomized, high-concentration cleaner into the intake manifold while the engine is running. This does all the above-listed tasks except the last two. The last two are done with special fuel injector cleaners. Cleaning the fuel injectors can be done in two ways:

  1. Feed highly concentrated cleaner through the fuel rail injectors
  2. Add fuel injector cleaner to the fuel tank.

The advantages of the fuel-rail fed method are instant and better results. The benefit of the in-tank cleaner is that it’s less expensive. Don’t be quick to discount the in-tank cleaner, though: we’ve had great success in stopping even active driveability problems with BG’s 44k in-tank cleaner!


  • Reduced emissions
  • Restored horsepower
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Starts and idles smooth and runs quieter
  • Correct balance of fuel and air in system

Case study

The pictures below were taken in our shop using a Snap-on® borescope, which is a camera attached to a long, flexible tube. The borescope is used to inspect things deep in holes – like inside of an engine.

The vehicle in question has a Gasoline Direct Injection fuel system like that described above. In addition to carbon problems, this one had emission control problems that left oil in the intake manifold, creating a mess inside the air passages of the engine. The photos below feature improvements made in a combustion chamber after the BG intake service.

Progress through the photos to see the difference that the BG intake service makes:

  • Here is the combustion chamber prior to the BG fuel system cleaning

    Shown here is the combustion chamber of one of the engine’s cylinders. The carbon is well contrasted with the cylinder wall. Let’s see what the intake service did for it…

  • And another shot of the clean combustion chamber after the BG intake service

    That’s amazingly better.

We were quite impressed. We also saw an improvement with the top of the piston itself.

  • Here's a dead-ahead shot of the same piston. Notice the carbon deposits

    Here’s a dead-ahead shot of an engine piston. See the reflection from the oil and the darkness of the carbon.

  • This is the same piston after the BG intake service. There is a noticeable difference between the cleanliness of the two.

    This is the same piston after the BG intake service. There is a noticeable difference! You can even see the stamping on the piston!

We hope this page has proven helpful in explaining the benefits of the BG intake service. Please don’t wait to service your engine’s fuel injectors or intake. It doesn’t have to get as bad as a neglected GDI engine to be needed. For more on preventive maintenance, you can read this blog post.

See you soon!

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