Transmission repair

We offer large- and small-scale transmission repair and services.

We take the time to know the best course of action is before recommending transmission work. What does that mean? It means we won’t sell you an entire transmission if all it really needs is a sensor.

That’s a big savings.

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As we implied above, we’ve been able to get our customers “out the door” with less money spent by repairing a transmission problem without replacing the whole unit. It’s important to know what is needed and when; have us take a look to see what you need.

Our automatic transmission repair services include:

  • Leaks: transmission gaskets and seals
  • Hydrualic and electrical control system repairs
  • Mechanical repairs: shift linkage, internal repairs
  • And more…
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Manual transmission repair is tricky, especially since you can feel how good a job we did afterwards! But even though they’ve long ago fallen into the minority, we continue to service manual transmissions with care and precision. Many of our customers have remarked that their clutch pedal felt better-than-new after we did a clutch job.

Our manual transmission repairs include:

  • Clutch disc and hydraulics replacement and service
  • Mechanical repair to gears, synchronizers, etc.
  • Shift linkage repair
  • And more…

A note on big repair jobs

Explosion Diagram of transmission, showing in part the complexity of transmission repair work.If a mechanic is careful when he is doing a big job, he’ll look to see if there are other things that should be done at the same time in order to save money on labor in the future, or to ensure the part he’s replacing won’t get damaged by another component that is defective. Considering the large numbers involved with transmission repair or replacements, you need a mechanic who will be careful about these other needed repairs. Our technicians are careful to inspect parts as they come off, think diagnostically as they do “nuts and bolts” work, and to combine their knowledge as technicians with a service adviser’s mindset — looking out for your best interests and weighing your goals against the current situation.

Transmission repair FAQ

*Features and terms are subject to their respective supplier’s warranty information; terms are for most gas engines; certain qualifications may apply to towing; prices subject to change; consult transmission supplier’s warranty information.

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If we confirm that you do need a replacement unit, we can price all the different options that are available.

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