We service all Fluid, Tune-up & other Maintenance Needs

We customize the factory maintenance schedules to reflect your car’s actual needs and your driving habits.  This saves you money by better protection for your automobile and by eliminating unneeded or duplicated maintenance costs.

We track the following systems for you with our shop management system:

*Timing Belt

Antifreeze Flush

*4×4 Transfer Case

*Cabin filter Spark Plugs

Coolant Hoses

Engine Oil & Filter Brake Fluid Flush

*Fuel Filter

Drive Belts Spark Plug Wires

Oxygen Sensors

Transmission Service Battery Service *4×4 Aux. Differential Power Steering Flush *Pack Wheel Bearings


Fuel System Cleaning *Differential Service Tire Rotation-brake inspection *Distributor cap & Rotor Air Filter

Wiper Blades


Even maintenance items can be done well or not-as-carefully.  Take transmission fluid changes as an example. A “flush” can be done with varying levels of care taken in getting the transmission fully cleaned. Also, the definition of a transmission flush is different from shop to shop, making it hard to be sure you’re getting the service your transmission needs. At CarScope, a “flush” means a full transmission fluid exchange (transfusion, really). We try to up-front with our customers about everything, including maintenance.

Just like our transmission flush, each of our maintenance services are done in thorough and efficient ways that give you the most value for your money.


Doing it right takes more time, more chemicals and more fluid, so the cost is a bit more but the result is a job worth doing.

Likewise any other fluid maintenance can usually be done “down and dirty” or it can be done thoroughly.   We always try to do a thorough job of whatever we do, so we do need to charge enough to cover the extra time to do it right.   We don’t try to compete with other shops’ loss leaders or low ball estimates.    Some shops and even dealerships advertise low cost maintenance items but “you get what you pay for”; and if you don’t pay that much for it you’re likely either getting a “less than great” job or if they do it right for a bargain price, believe me they WILL try to make up for any losses they incur through pushing extra “add-on” sales, whether they are real or imagined needs.   No one can stay in business if they give the work away for less than it’s worth.

Fluid maintenance

We have found BG products to be very effective in cleaning vehicle systems and their fluids are top notch. They also provide a protection plan if you start using their products before 75,000 miles. The menu at the bottom of this page shows a list of maintenance items that can be covered with a BG warranty by using their great products. Click here for info on the protection plan

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