CarScope can now text you updates!

You can now text us!

CarScope Blogger Announcements(Edited )

For years now, we’ve been communicating with our customers by email and phone. Many of you have taken advantage of the convenience of having us email you estimates, invoices, and even maintenance reminders. Now, we’re pleased to announce another way we have to communicate with you: text messages. You can call, …

Help Joe avoid lowball estimates!

Lowball estimates and how to avoid them

Dyrell Hicks Consumer helps(Edited )

Joe Customer got an estimate of $355.19 for installing a timing belt… Good price!? Or is it? oe drives his car to Mr. Goodsocket’s and they begin work. After the car is dismantled, Joe receives a phone call from the manager, Slick Willy. It turns out the car also needs …

Are worn tires safe?

Dyrell Hicks Consumer helps, Tires(Edited )

Even tires with half their tread intact may be riskier than you think. Follow us through this testing-based article to see how worn tires react to water differently than new tires. Also included are some helpful driving tips for wet-weather conditions (which we’ve been having a lot of in Chesapeake, …