Tires and alignments

We sell tires from a wide range of manufacturers at a competitive price.

We sell even more tire brands than are represented here!

Tire Safety: Good tires are critical to your safety.  Now and then I hear people say they think a tire store tried to rip them off when they recommended replacing tires before they are worn down to the

State Inspection limit of 2/32s of an inch.  That’s not necessarily a “rip off”.  Actually, if the tire is worn below half the original tread life there is a good bit of traction loss in the rain or snow and that can be dangerous.  Here is an article from Consumer Reports that confirms and explains this.

Though certainly the tire salesman should fully explain that it is only in wet weather when it becomes a problem.  Pressuring you without explaining that would be questionable.

Tire Balancing

Picture of Innovative Balancing LogoWe offer conventional computerized spin balancing but for tires that are 75 series and taller (not low profile) we also offer an upgrade to the “Dynamic Balancing Solution”.  Dyna Beads are high-density ceramic beads that continuously balance your tires as you drive.  The beads distribute themselves based on the balance requirements of the tire and reposition as the tire wears and balance changes.

  •  The result is a smooth, vibration-free ride that continues for the life of the tire without the need for re-balancing.
  •  Dyna Beads also extend tire life by preventing common wear patterns like cupping that happen due to poor tire balance.

 Tire Availability:

Because we cannot stock every tire brand and size that may be applicable to your vehicle, if you plan to replace your tires then please schedule in the morning so that your tires can be delivered the same day.  If you aren’t able to come in the morning, then give us a call and we will be glad to order the tires for an appointment the next day.


Our thorough alignment includes inspecting all related suspension and steering components.

Charging a fixed cost for all alignments pretends that all alignment jobs are the same, but that is not so. We only charge for the individual angles that we actually adjust, if it is not in need of adjustment, we only charge for the check!

A fixed alignment cost makes too much profit on a car that is already in alignment and can also make the tech rush and do a sloppy job on a car that is a mess. If the car’s alignment is a big mess, it may cost a bit more with us, but most of the time it’s not a mess and it will cost less.

We believe our pricing method is fair and a more realistic way of doing a thorough job; and charging and getting paid only for what is actually needed. As always, you can trust that we are doing our best to do a good job and are looking out for your best interests.

 Did you know?

Tires age. That’s why some automakers recommend that you replace your tires when they’re more than six years old. To check a tire’s age, look at the sidewall for a code beginning with “DOT.” The last four digits show the week and year it was made. For example, 3308 indicates the tire was made in the 33rd week of 2008.

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