We’ll be glad to give you a repair estimate, but we’ll need to look at the vehicle first. If that makes you uneasy, please continue reading this page for an explanation as to why we do estimates in this way.

Estimates over the phone

We, like most repair shops, like to see the vehicle in person before giving an estimate. Some service writers might use high pressure once you’re in their door, but we don’t do it that way.  There are no sneaky reasons for wanting you to stop by,  but there are a few good reasons:

  •  Sometimes the labor guide book is a little too generic and can even  be completely wrong.  Looking at the car confirms the estimated time that the book gives.  This helps to insure an accurate estimate.
  •  Very often a customer is shopping for a price for something they may not even need.  A quick look by a technician can save everyone a lot of time.
  •  Often there are other things that might should be done at the same time as the work you are getting an estimate for, and by looking at it , we can include or exclude those items as your car’s needs dictate.  This even applies to maintenance items like timing belts and tune-ups.
  •  And if you are a new customer, we’d like to meet you.  We think you’ll like our family style car repair.  No pressure or slick sales pitches, just an honest evaluation and the facts to help you decide how to service your car.

So please, contact us

We’d be glad to talk to you about your car and set up a time for you to bring it in to get an accurate estimate.

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