General Motors timing belt interval

You will need to know your vehicle’s engine size to use this table. Once you know, you can determine your General motors timing belt interval by using the first table and the reference key. Be sure to look at the second table to see whether or not the engine is interference-fit.

1.0L {28}
1.3L {28}
1.4L {1}
1.5L Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.6L (2004-07 Aveo) Inspect Every 30,000 Miles; Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.6L (2008 Aveo) Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.6L (2009-10 Aveo) Replace Every 100,000 Miles
1.6L (Except Aveo & Tracker) Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.6L (Tracker) Replace Every 60,000 Miles: Inspect Every 90,000 Miles Thereafter
1.8L Diesel {1}
1.8L Gasoline {1}
2.0L {1}
2.2L Diesel Replace Every 60,000 Miles
2.3L {1}
3.0L (Catera) {29}
3.0L (Saturn) Replace Every 100,000 Miles
3.2L (Cadillac CTS) Replace Every 96 Months or 100,000 Miles
3.4L {50}
3.5L (Saturn Vue) {6}


1.0L Interference
1.3L Interference
1.4L Free-Wheeling
1.5L Interference
1.6L (Chevette & 1000) Free-Wheeling
1.6L (LeMans) Free-Wheeling
1.6L (Tracker 16 Valve) Interference
1.6L DOHC (Aveo) Interference
1.6L DOHC (Nova) Free-Wheeling
1.6L SOHC (Nova) Free-Wheeling
1.8L Diesel Interference
1.8L Gasoline Free-Wheeling
2.0L Free-Wheeling
2.2L Diesel Interference
2.3L Free-Wheeling
3.0L Interference
3.2L Interference
3.4L Free-Wheeling
3.5L Free-Wheeling

Reference key

{1} – Manufacturer does not recommend a specific maintenance interval.

{6} – Normal Service Every 100,000 Miles; Severe Service Every 50,000 Miles.

{28} – Inspect at 60,000 mile intervals. Replace every 100,000 miles if not previously changed.

{29} -Under normal operating conditions replace every 100,000 miles. If driven without engine coolant heater & under ambient temperatures of -20°F or less, then inspect at 15,000 mile intervals & replace every 60,000 miles. Use Tech II scan tool or equivalent to reset cold start counter.

{50} -Inspect at 30,000 mile intervals, replace at 60,000 mile intervals.


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