BG CF5 Carbon Fighter

A can of BG CF5, sporting its regular sleek gold label

Fuel deposits that build up on intake valves, ports and in combustion chambers in high-efficiency engines can cause serious drivability problems. The most common of these problems are rough idle, loss of performance, reduced fuel mileage and engine knock. Also, water, oxygen, and sulfur are often present in varying amounts in the fuel we use. Even trace amounts of these contaminants can lead to oxidation and corrosion in storage tanks and fuel systems.

BG CF5® fuel system cleaner prevents deposits throughout the entire fuel system. Added at each oil change, it will keep injectors, pistons, fuel intake components and sensors clean and free of damaging deposits and corrosion.

BG CF5® restores power and efficiency and protects against the harmful effects of ethanol. BG CF5® is an excellent fuel stabilizer and is catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe.

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Lifetime Warranty

Use of this product can give you a lifetime warranty on your vehicle’s fuel system parts! All you have to do is have us add CF5 at oil changes. Learn more about the BG Lifetime Protection Plan.

Used in our "Protector" and "Protector Plus" oil changes

When we talk about “best” oil changes, BG CF5 fits right in. Learn more about our oil change options

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