Full-time Staff

Dyrell has decades of experience as a master technician.

Dyrell Hicks

Lead Technician, Trainer, Dad

Has been an ASE certified Master Technician since 1990. He specializes in computerized engine control systems and has been ASE certified in Advanced Engine Performance since 1994.

Matthew is ASE certified and an awesome dude.

Matthew Hicks

Technician, Service Writer, Co-manager, Son

ASE certified technician who has spent a lot of years in the shop, but now takes turns managing the office with his twin brother John.

John is ASE certified.

John Hicks

Service Writer, Technician,
Co-manager, Son

ASE certified technician and certified Service Writer- John is now enjoying more wrench time as he alternates with Matthew between the shop and the office. John is also the new webmaster.

Part-time staff

Joyce with grandkids

Joyce Hicks

Part-time Bookkeeper, Mom

Pays the bills and taxes to keep Uncle Sam happy, collects grandchildren. Enjoys eagle-watching. We appreciate her hard work to keep the household and business running smoothly.

Stephen Hicks has more than 10 years experience working at CarScope.

Stephen Hicks

Part time- Technician, Building Maintenance, Son

With over 10 years experience working at CarScope, in 2015, Stephen took off for a 19 month “long haul” trucking adventure! He is leaning more towards local driving now, but is also back working part time at the shop.

Staff emeritus

Bob (Grandpa) is one of the nicest guys you can meet.

Bob Hicks

Former Office Manager, Grandpa

After retiring from Civil Service, we enjoyed working with Grandpa for years while he helped full time in the office. Now you’ll catch him there now and then, popping in for a visit. We can’t thank him enough for all the help he’s given us over the years.

Carol and her husband.

Carol Johnson

Former secretary

A real “people person” with a great sense of humor and a hearty laugh, Carol spent many years being awesome for us; and though we don’t see her in person too much anymore, she will always be a part of the Hicks family.

The Williams family rocks!

Kimberly Williams

Former Office Manager, Daughter

An integral part of CarScope for years, she is now doing a wonderful job raising her children and taking care of Samuel. They moved to Illinois to serve in a Church that God has great plans for!

The Williams family rocks!

Samuel Williams

Former Technician, Son-in-law

Samuel was a great asset to the CarScope team and a very welcome addition to the family. His gifts in worship have moved him away for now, and we wish his little family Godspeed in their service to Christ.

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